Nine Network of Public Media

Requires Capital Improvements and Increased
Technological Capacity

We need to raise $4 million…
As we reached beyond the traditional one-way television model to create new pathways of public participation, we found individuals and organizations eager to work together in a public media network ignited for the common good.

Now, thanks to the vision and support of the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, a newly developed 5,000-square-foot space in our building has become the nexus of this network of community engagement, as public television, public participation, online journalism, social media and public radio converge in a public media complex.

This innovative space has been designed as a flexible environment that allows a variety of configurations for use as a digital media center and as a site for community collaborations and group discussions. With equipment and furniture that is portable and modular, the space can function as a classroom for digital video editing, media instruction and online communications. The space also will serve as a center for community dialogue, enhanced for presentations by a digital projection system and theater-style seating.

The presence of the St. Louis Beacon in our new center for public engagement adds significant opportunities for collaboration in arts and culture; in local news and public affairs; on our region's achievements in science and technology; and on issues that affect energy and the environment, health and healthcare, jobs, education and the diversity of our region.

Furthermore, we have the opportunity to merge online engagement with the reach and impact of our four on-air digital channels: Nine PBS, Nine Create, Nine World and Nine Kids.

Our additional capital expenses will include the purchase of state-of-the-art HD television cameras, production studio upgrades, a new antenna and a new transmitter for additional power, an expanded capacity server, and an audio board replacement.

Dana Brown Charitable Trust Nationally Recognized for Visionary Leadership in Support of Nine Network Innovations
David Diener, former chairman of the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, accepted one of only five national PBS Leadership Awards given in 2010 for innovative philanthropy. Diener is shown above with PBS president and CEO Paula Kerger.