Productions that Elevate and Showcase Our Region

Requires a Venture Fund to Develop and Seize Program Opportunities

We need to raise $6 million…
We will use this resource to develop an innovative program-production model that engages citizens and civic organizations in content development.

As our region's storyteller, we always have worked to highlight the strengths of the communities we serve. We also have partnered with local organizations to raise awareness of challenging issues and to focus our collective resources on solutions.

Now, by combining traditional production methods with new media tools, we are in a position to expand public participation in civic life. This is public service media.

The promise of public service media today holds even greater potential than television did to our founders in 1954. But the challenge remains the same: How can we best use media for the public good?

Media always has shaped our lives and affected our understanding of the world. Now, technology has expanded the reach and influence of media to a profound degree — for better or worse. We want to strengthen the impact of public media because public media is always focused on the public good.

Our "Stories of Impact" describe what we already have accomplished. We already offer the best in arts and culture, news and public affairs, history and heritage, children's programs, science and nature. We already offer some of the best local public affairs programming in public television. We already engage people of our region in stories that reveal their interests and issues. We have already established effective partnerships with area organizations to strengthen our region. And our model has inspired and seeded new community collaborations. The potential seems boundless.

The Venture Fund will enable us to develop and implement a vibrant production model that involves our community in initiatives focused on the public welfare — a purpose we believe has been at the heart of our mission from the beginning.

Nine's recent national documentaries Gearing Up and A Time for Champions, as well as our upcoming documentary series Homeland, engage the people of our region in content development and connect St. Louis to the world.